5 best features of Android Q

Hi Everyone,

I am a big fan of mobile phones and the latest news about them. So let me share with you some of what I love.

Google recently announced that the last beta of Android Q became available.

Here are the top 5 features of the upcoming Android operating system that I am most excited about.

1)Dark mode

As I often end up looking at my mobile at might it is good to use darker colors so it does not hurt my eyes to look at it. I am aware that there are some ways to make your phone look darker. But for me the native support in the Android OS is important. As I am using my phone for a lot of different things I tend to have issues with the amount of storage space. So the smaller amount of apps I have to install the better.

2)Gesture-based navigation

When I first bought a smartphone 4 years ago, I was quite nervous about the touch navigation. So seeing something that looked like the familiar buttons was great. It is great to know that the phone gives feedback in the form of vibrations or sounds so that the person operating it, knows that the input was made.

As you might be aware all smartphones used to have at least some buttons either under or on screen. These were used for navigating to the home screen, going 1 screen back and opening up something like a task manager which shows all the open applications.

It took some time to get used to this function but eventually I have grown to feel like I want to try something different. I heard a lot about all-screen phones and the use of gestures to navigate. I was eager to test it for myself. When my phone received an update to Android Pie, one of the options it had, was the gesture-based navigation?

It is intuitive and when you switch from old way with buttons on the screen to this new navigation you come to look at the phone slightly differently. It looks bigger and there is more opportunity to do stuff with it

3)Game capture

I like gaming on my computer and also on my phone. I am used to using my computer to capture the gameplay and share it with some people. The smartphones are powerful enough to justify gaming on them so it was just a matter of time until someone comes with the idea to capture the screen and make it possible to share.

In the old days a person wanting to capture a screen of a phone needed to use a standalone camera to do that. Thankfully that is no longer the case

4)HDR 10 video support

There are two main things I care about in a phone. Camera and a screen. Knowing that both of them correlate makes me think that the software support for HDR video is something that we need to have.

Especially when recently the phone manufacturers have been racing to put the best possible camera to the phone. The biggest I know of so far is 64 megapixels. At this rate, we will get to a hundred very soon.

You might ask yourself what is all of this good for? And the simple answer is that the hardware allows for some pretty good quality pictures and videos. When the camera is capable of shooting a great video, the phone has to be able to keep up with it. So the HDR support steps in the right direction.

5)More action with notifications

It is great to see that I no longer need to open the messaging app to respond to text messages.

I no longer need to open my email to write a response to something that just popped up in my mailbox. Thanks to these little tweaks the notifications are useful and help me being productive.
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    2. I am following the latest news so I never know what is going to come up. I know that it will be interesting because otherwise I would not write about it.
      Thank you for your willingness to share.

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